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Here are my thoughts laid bare, through my words and my sketches. It is nearly impossible to convey how freeing it feels to apply unorthodox ways of thinking to solve problems. It is even more liberating to know that doing so will deliver better results. Every time. I can say “every time” unequivocally because over the past few years, I’ve learned from innumerable conversations both on and offline, that the people in our community are deep thinkers, and that trite explanations and pithy memes about style and fashion are not good enough.  Why wear a pleated skirt? Well, answering with a picture of Audrey Hepburn and a headline to try something fun and flirty will not tell the whole story. In fact, it doesn’t really tell us anything at all. You see, long ago I discovered that personal style is incredibly important. Specifically, it accounts for 1/3 of the tools we have to communicate who we are (visual, words, and actions) – okay? If our visuals are off, we feel off so it’s not as simple as telling you that “the pleated skirt” will make you look good and therefore feel good. The Good Ick is a place where we discuss the odd and the nuanced. We use it as the lens through which we can figure out why something works, and just as importantly, why it doesn’t. We use big (but not pompous) words here, because our circle is smart - intimidatingly smart - but they’re also humble and curious. We love inciting considered discourse, which will make you think, and that is good. Please, enjoy.

—Amy Smilovic

Founder and Creative Director

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