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Just over 2 years ago now, I started communicating, a lot, on my personal Instagram. Sharing my thoughts on personal style and whether it can be learned (spoiler alert: the answer is yes) and offering pragmatic yet creative tools to help you build out your closet. Literally thousands of direct messages later, I know so many of you have found value in these conversations through social media. We’re at that point now of a critical crossroads. I’ve created a lot of content and I yearn for it to be more accessible, researchable. I need a space where I can dive a bit deeper into subjects and be more helpful in allowing you to find what you’re looking for.

It dawned on me that our website is the place where I can have these deeper style explorations. This way all that good content will be saved and searchable. You won’t be dm’ing me at 3am asking if you imagined that I did a story on how to wear the winter tuxedo blazer in summer. You’ll be able to type it in to search. And if that doesn’t yield results for you, then yes, I am still available for DM’s and I’ll try and answer your questions.

I’ve titled it “The Good Ick” because, somehow, all things good, stylistically speaking, have that push/pull. That balance between the obvious and not obvious; the friction that makes you question whether something is really resonating with you. Or not. My Instagram isn’t going away. I’ll continue to be far more active than is probably normal for any sane person. But going forward, you’re going to have a place on where you will find really thought out, drawn out, analysis about topics as important as whether or not the trench is as fabulous as it’s historically made out to be or if baseball caps and boater hats have a place in your closet (hint: one does, and one, maybe, does not).

Each time I add a story on The Good Ick, I’ll alert you. And no, it won’t be on specific days and times. I just can’t handle that kind of formality in my life and you probably can’t either. I think you’ll love what we’re doing here. If you don’t immediately, then you will over time. And if you still don’t, well, you can’t say we don’t try new things.


—Amy Smilovic

Founder and Creative Director

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