The Good Ick #4: The Pleated Skirt
The Good Ick #4: The Pleated Skirt

The Pleated Skirt

As Creative Pragmatists, we share many of the same adjectives. If it’s not exactly these adjectives, they tend to be their synonym. Chill, Modern and Classic. But how we modify these adjectives, that’s what keeps everything so individualistic. Maybe it’s something as simple as the good strange way a sweater is tied. That little bit of friction that any risk taker wants to give. Or it’s that styling nod to traditional men’s wear - doubling down on that masculine vibe for someone whose overarching message is about just practicality at its core. Or it’s about the found object, the good strange that makes you laugh. A little. For that individual that uses humor to lighten the seriousness of a world that often times can feel a bit heavy.

Starting with the key piece. The pleated skirt.

illustration of pleated skirt

So of course, there’s wearing the skirt straight up. And that’s great. But clothing has to work for you. It has to allow you to feel who you are. Always. And clothing tells a story about you, and it sucks if it’s running around telling lies. So, here we go - options we shot on the model, and then I’ll show you how Traci, Sarah and I modified it, to tell a bit more about who we are, when we wanted the story to be told. OK? 

four women wearing pleated skirts


Traci is our Head of Design. She has the ultimate right brain left brain balanced. Creativity oozing, but she’s always in control. To be wearing something silly with no purpose would be not her. At all. And whether she realizes it or not, it is subliminally what comes through in the way she styles herself. And this skirt. See?

illustration of woman wearing pleated skirt in a hyper functional manner


Our head of brand styling Sarah is fearless, whether it’s in her sports, her way of interacting, or the way she dresses. Experimentation is always at the top of her lists. For her, the notion that “she didn’t give it a try” is far worse to “I got it wrong.” So, duh, her take on the black skirt pushes it. On the CP scale, this tips to creative. And for Sarah, that is just about perfection.

illustration of woman wearing pleated skirt in a risk taking way


I get a little cringey when things get too serious, or too one dimensional. For no other reason than that’s just simply not my thing so it’s the last thing I would want my style to convey. I create that ease by mixing colors and textures in a way that is chill, a bit classic but unexpected. Like a furry peach bag, a green watch and then destroyed less tights. Those tights on their own, paired with a black leather mini? Not me. But mixed with the classic element of the pleated skirt and the coverage of the mohair sweater, it’s exactly me.

illustration of woman wearing a pleated skirt with a fuzzy sweater

Here’s the thing. Communicating who you are, or the mood you are in, doesn’t mean an overhaul of your closet. Often it’s knowing what the individual pieces are that will help you add that something….that something that says more than what you may get at first glance from a piece. And the great thing is that some of the items may be designer, some found vintage, and some may just be something passed down from a grandmother. When you have these special pieces, you wear them - a lot. Often in different ways each time, when you want to change the ending to your story, or simply just add another chapter. 

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