The Good Ick #27: What are you afraid of?
The Good Ick #27: What are you afraid of?

Someone loved the hell out of this teddy bear. It went with them everywhere. Whatever young child owned this bear, I’m sure they don’t lay awake in bed thinking: I wish I had carried him a little less. I wish I hadn’t squeezed him so hard. Every marking, each little, matted hair, tells a story of a loved life.

So what gives with our clothes, our shoes, our bags? The pieces we bought and that we own, not the other way around. They should do their job and work incredibly hard for you, just like that bears job was to comfort you as a child. Or whenever, not judging.

It is so satisfying to invest in a piece and wear it, really, truly wear it. Just like the proverbial child’s bear, each worn stitch, the scuff on the bottom of a soul, is the mark of a loved life. When you hear phrases like “quiet luxury” understanding the intent behind it rather than viewing it as one of many trends out there helps guide you in directing and communicating your personal style. Consistently. I’ll show you:

Let’s start with the blazer here. Not just any blazer, but a really rich one. An investment piece. A real, properly faced, lined and finished impeccably, tailored piece.

Tibi Tropical Wool Detached Lapel Liam Blazer

This blazer deserves to be taken with you everywhere. What a waste if you were to save him for just the evening event. Wear him to exercise class, throw him over your sweatshirt and jeans for the plane. What’s the worst that could happen? Will the elbow get a little worn, years and years from now? Will a button be replaced at sometime? Likely. Highly so. Fear and excuses of what could go wrong, keep many from plunging in and moving ahead. I can’t speak to bigger things happening in your world, but a jacket? Your clothes? You’ve got this.

Illustration of three women

Sometimes one is wrapped up in the idea of damaging their clothes while other times it’s a concern with revealing that we care. That we care about how we look and that style is important to us. And this makes sense, because your style is revealing, and it can be uncomfortable to reveal who we are. But life is short, and simply leaning in to the familiar is not just incredibly chic, but will help you push past any fears of looking like you actually tried.

Illustration of the Tibi Lace Slip Skirt in Black

The lace trimmed skirt is a good example here. It’s simple, but decidedly not basic with the trail of lace left hanging just so. Interesting to us, but will certainly encourage that random person walking by to ask if you’re aware your skirt is falling apart. And that’s ok, because it’s not, and you know that. Interesting is good, and if you style it with pieces that make you feel comfortable and like yourself, well you will inevitably feel….comfortable and like yourself. Only a bit chicer.

Illustration of three women wearing clothing

So remember, wear your clothes. You’ve invested in them, you own them, and you have every right to care. Because life is short and caring is good. Don’t let anyone tell you anything different. Ok?

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