Why do we love the trench?

I mean, yes. It’s a classic. But we know a straight up classic can sometimes leave us wanting for more. There’s a reason our adjectives intersect at Chill, Modern AND Classic. The trench we love is the one that serves many purposes and can help us express many ideas. Sometimes even all at once. The best ones of all can illicit a range of feelings when we drape it just so over our shoulders. It’s the piece that adds that final element to the look. In the words made immortal in Jerry Maguire, dear trench, “you complete me.” 

Good. Gooder. Goodest.

The more you layer, the better it gets.

What I love about layering, styling, or manipulating a look is not the thrill of creating a “new look” each time. What I LOVE is that I can communicate, so personally, who I am through my styling choices. And that someone else who shares a very similar mindset to my own can wear that exact same item, literally the same trench, and communicate a personality entirely different from my own. Just with a few twists and turns.

I will show you.



These tools. Simple blacks and whites paired with something a bit off. The blazer with the slits at the elbow and the perfect weight for layering. Mixed with cargo shorts makes it the suit that can hardly be accused of being a suit. I always have some type of striped tee in my closet - this one was from last year but I bet you can find one with a good computer search for “striped shirt.” Whenever I wear a casual tee, I always reach for other elements that are a bit more refined for balance. That’s what a sleek leather belt does. And this baseball cap? Right now it only exists in my mind but I’m tempted to make it a reality. Here’s the thing, I never like to take life to seriously - life is way too short for that kind of mood. If I’m not wearing something a little funny I tend not to feel like myself. When I top all this off with the trench, I’ve all the classic elements there. Mixed with the pure modernity of the interesting shapes. It’s all a bit effortless, truly. And a little silly. The way I like it. 

If you think of the items in your closets as tools, then each day you (usually) can find a way to build the look you want when you are doing the most average of every day tasks. Like walking a dog. Why is this important? Because Creative Pragmatists don’t have to separate our lives between moments in time when we “feel like our selves” and then “all the other times.” Even if we are walking a small tiny dog, we want to feel like the person we are - not the stand in that’s waiting for the “real” moments when we are “properly dressed.”

So here’s another example:



I did this drawing of our head of brand styling, Sarah. She loves taking risks with her style, experimenting with young new designers, mixing things up in unexpected ways. So if you see her on the street with little Jack here, you can tell a lot about her. But the thing is, she’s appropriately dressed for the moment she’s in. She just looks like herself - mixing the easy flat shoe with a chic sock, her favorite tee and a good strange pair of sunnies from Loewe. This look pretty much sums up Sarah’s vibe.

Now Bryn on the other hand, our styling assistant, there’s something so refined about her. She interprets the trench in a totally different way. 



Bryn wears her trench as the topper for an evening event. You know the event and the time of year. Too cold to go without a coat; a fur is not an option, and showing up in your office wool coat feels a bit of a let down. That’s where the black trench comes in to play. So chic, so classic, so effortless. The modern proportions keep it from looking fussy and it feels just right layered over a silk bias gown, fishnet diamond tights and a strappy satin sandal. Of course Bryn has added the touch of a green earring - we love these from Completed Works (remember - not a sponsor, just a brand we love).

And then there’s our head of design Traci….



Traci has never been one to sacrifice form over function, every piece plays a role. The details are all thoughtful, each element chosen to help prepare for any change in weather or change of activities for the day necessitating everything move at a quicker pace. 

Look closer at the shirt - it has a double collar. No frivolous design detail here - this works as a turtleneck when buttoned up- if that’s the need - but unbuttons in a way that exudes ease if that’s the vibe. And the Sam jean - this ones in all our closets. Traci wears hers nice and loose over the brown patent leather boot that gives the good contrast of textures. Her favorite Issey Miyake tote goes with her everywhere and the red knit hat gives the good color focus. And the black trench gives it all an urban moment, that edge and functionality that is Traci’s hallmark. 

So, you see, the trench has a place in your closet. It’s the good coat that you’ll want to make sure is there, at some time. If you choose a vintage option, you’ll want to look for something with good proportions - that may mean taking in the sleeves a bit. That’s ok. And if you look for something new, well, then these are really solid options. Ok?