Are You A 

Creative Pragmatist?

ten illustrated women above a scale of creative vs pragmatic with numbers ranging from 1 to 10


Are you a Creative Pragmatist? You know I pretty much abhor labels, I find them constricting. Except when they are not. And this is one of those times. You see, the label “CP” gives a name, permission if you will, to those whose style is Creative, but still Pragmatic. And some days, the scale may tip more creative. And then quite the opposite on others, when we crave to pull things in a bit. And many days, speaking for myself, I land right in the middle. Why is this so important? Because we only have three ways in which to communicate: through our words, our actions and our visuals. And visuals speak really loudly – to others, and very importantly, to ourselves. When your look is out of alignment with who you are, when they tell a different story than what you want told, it’s incredibly frustrating. That visual misalignment you're putting out there, I would argue, is almost never the result of someone not having “inherent style” or even the “bank” to make style happen. Rather, it is about one’s knowledge of who they are and understanding of how to project that. So, not everyone will declare themselves creative and still pragmatic. But if you are, if you seek that balance, then what we’ve done is broken it down and articulated why some days you nailed it. Why some days you did not feel great. And why some days were a total mess. We have the through lines here laid out so that you can make sure every day you are communicating your personal style, in every facet of your life. Not just on the days where something picture worthy occurred. When your personal style resonates as effortlessly in the vegetable aisle as it does at a cocktail party, it’s incredibly settling. And it’s learnable. And that is really good.

Where are you on the CP scale?

—Amy Smilovic

Founder and Creative Director

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