More than ever, I desire to show those whom I love how much I appreciate them. I think back to my childhood and those holiday coupons that I created for my parents: an offer for a back rub, free babysitting for my little sister. This season I have deliberated about how I can express my feelings for my loved ones; not measured by monetary value but instead through my intimate knowledge of what they will love, or that which they will find pleasure and meaning. As we close out the year, I am incredibly in debt and thankful for the team that I have around me. We have leaned on each other in ways that I would have never dreamt. I have asked more from them than I would have ever anticipated...and, in return, received more than I could have ever hoped.


Our team has become unified in our sense of style. Regardless of our diversity, and likely because of it, we intersect where creativity and pragmatism meet, but we interpret the interplay of these elements through our own lens. So, for this year’s gift guide, I have asked members of the creative teams to curate a personal assortment. I hope you enjoy the selection as it bears the stamp of each individual and expresses who we truly are as a brand.

Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season.

- Amy Smilovic, Founder & Creative Director



Art Director

Byron works with his hands; he is very tactile. You can see it in his paintings and the grit of his sculptures. There is a physicality to his work. It probably won’t surprise you, then, that he is also a soccer player who almost turned pro after training through his childhood in Cape Town, South Africa. His selection includes texture, amorphous shapes, and touches of color; pieces that emote strength and are meant to have an impact. On the spectrum of a Creative Pragmatist, he leans towards creativity first.

Featured Above (l to r): Gabe Menswear Suiting Taylor Midrise Pant, Sies-Sa Sculpture by Byron Fredericks, and Beryen Felt Wool Sandal.

Featured Above (l to r): Clyde Padding Trench With Removable Belt, and Spoons by Black Creek Mercantile.

Featured Above (l to r): Borrel Sculpture by Byron Fredericks, Light Weight Stretch Patent Shirred Sleeve Top, Boomerang Lock by Marla Aaron, and Boucle Alpaca Slit Cuff V-Neck Pullover.



Director of Design

Hanna is one of the most creative spirits with whom I have ever worked. She is not only curious but also thoughtful in her explorations and everything that she touches ultimately bears her personal stamp. She manipulates a simple item until she has recreated it in her own vision. Hanna’s gift selection originates from her desire for the peculiar and the beautiful: the double layer sweater or the face mask with the adjustable straps. Just like in her art, Hanna’s delicate balance of creativity and pragmatism shines through.

Featured Above (l to r):  Luka Suiting Double Breasted Blazer, Nimbus Gold Vermeil and Pearl Ear Cuffs by Completedworks, and Cumulus Gold Vermeil and Pearl Ear Cuff by Completedworks.

Featured Above (l to r):  Handmade ceramics by Hanna Yoo, Crumple Gold Vermeil, Pearl and Ceramic Earrings by Completedworks, and Gotcha Gold Vermeil and Pearl Earrings by Completedworks.

Featured Above: Morris Leather Loafer.

Featured Above (l to r): Mats Menswear Coating Liam Blazer, Dr Cliptosh by Moscot, Miltzen by Moscot, and Patch Cable Wool Shrunken Top Layered Sweater.



Head of Design

Traci approaches everything through considerations of utility. Ever the pragmatist, her selections reflect a desire for clean lines and functionality but without compromising the soulful emotions that a beautiful item can elicit. Traci challenges and surprises you, taking the expected to a whole new, contrarian level. These design principles are audibly clear in her selection.

Featured Above (l to r): Sana Check Cropped Blouse, A Wild Sheep Chase by Haruki Murakami, Tibi Dimanche Bag, and Virgin Wool Suiting Bib Vest.

Featured Above (l to r): Denim Sculpted Pant and Miltzen by Moscot.



Founder & Creative Director

On the Creative Pragmatist scale, I sit right in the middle because I balance my craving for creative expression with a pragmatic approach to life. Both elements are inextricably tied for me because I equate style with feeling truly alive. Modernity means moving forward and being fully present.

Featured Above (l to r):  Finn Windowpane Blazer and Alfie Shearling Slides.

Featured Above (l to r):  Aventus Oil by Creed, Original Vétiver by Creed, and Silver Mountain Water by Creed.

Featured Above (l to r):  Silver Mountain Water by Creed, and Le Client Mini Bag.

Featured Above (l to r):  Open Studio by Sharon Coplan Hurowitz, Taffeta One Shoulder Dress, Cumulus Gold Vermeil and Pearl Ear Cuff by Completedworks, and Patent Cocoon Coat.



Styling Director

Dione craves friction in her style with a touch of elegance. Maybe her training as a ballerina explains her desire for refinement. Always one to be wearing a vintage piece, something with history, it does not surprise me that Dione’s selection tilts towards the items one can cherish forever. But, with a sense of humor (did I mention she also does stand-up comedy?)

Featured Above (l to r):  Film: My Man Godfrey, Directed by Gregory La Cave.

Featured Above (l to r):  Luxe Double Faced Wool Angora Carwash Coat, Tall Elio Lamp in Aloe by Soft Geometry (via McMullen), Feather Weight Cashmere Pullover, and SW Chair in Blue Renoir by Soft Geometry (via McMullen).

Featured Above (l to r):  Shindig Sun in Black and Tobacco by Moscot, Scallop Sweatshirt and Sculpted Sweatpant.