The Tibi Spring 2024 Collection visually portrays what it means to be fully comfortable with yourself.

There is an absolute calmness you feel when you know who you are. It doesn’t mean that you are necessarily zen-like; in fact, it may be the opposite, you may still feel all over the place, overly energized. Whatever the circumstances that surround you, the assuredness that comes from fundamentally knowing who you are anchors you.

With this, you can explore, question, and sometimes even retreat to a purely comfortable place that is yours. Because your core is unshakeable. To experiment relays curiosity rather than an erosion of your identity. To strip away to the familiar is a place of assuredness rather than hopelessness.

This Spring season nods to this sense of identity, presenting a confident range of shape and proportions anchored in sharp tailoring but with an ease from sporty fabrications. Black and white gives a base of clarity for adding soft, saturated colors to experiment with different moods. Experimentation in embellishment and sculpting creates dimension and functionality – altogether, a study of how to ‘be’.

Coming February 2024

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