Clean cut tailoring, unapologetically luxurious materials, and maniacal attention to detail. Executed through the Designer’s lens of curiosity - how far can we push ourselves and still retain the familiar? Creativity, utility and beauty and the understanding that any of these elements left singular will simply doesn’t satisfy. Told through a reinterpretation of an American Classic, the movie “Giant”. The choice of locale, San Miguel de Allende was purposeful. A city that attracts individuals from around the world who are in pursuit of creating a better, more interesting, more fulfilling place. Not ex-pats. Not those who’ve come “to check out.” San Miguel is a place where ideas thrive, warmth and joy abound, and beauty is a byproduct of a life lived with priorities intact. Treating heritage with tremendous respect driven by curiosity and passion, a pursuit of excellence of sorts. The backdrop and the collection are inseparable.

Available July, 2023