Austin Travel Guide

Texas native and founder of the acclaimed boutique, KICK PLEAT, Wendi Koletar's guide of what to eat, what to see, and how to dress in the state capital.

KICK PLEAT's Houston, TX store.

I've been in Austin about 22 years. I love living here because it provides a nice quality of life. I have our flagship store here, and I truly love what I do. I thank Austin for allowing me to do that. Also Austin provides nature, space to live, and delicious food. I like the values of the city including exercise and fitness, an open mind set, healthy food, good people. Finally, my family is near and several of my good friends are in the city. It all makes for a nice life.


Where To Eat:

Veracruz tacos: Austin is all about tacos. Everyone eats them daily - for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I think Veracruz tacos are exceptional and most people would agree. It's in a trailer in a couple of locations around Austin. Their fish tacos are a must! Vegetarian: Mr. Natural on East Cesar Chavez - this is a vegetarian Mexican food establishment that's been around a long time. I think it feels like old Austin in there and the food is delicious. I love the migas with cheese. Launderette: When I want to go to a nice meal I go here. The environment feels great and the food is so good. I take vendors here a lot when they're in town because it is always so satisfying in all ways.

                                                              KICK PLEAT's Austin, Texas store.

Where To Stay:

Hotel Saint Cecelia: real luxury, gorgeous property. You feel like you are not in the city although you are in the center of Austin. The hotel has a lawn with rolling hills and huge, ancient oak tress. Everything about the property is perfect - from the grounds to the rooms to the pillows.

Carpenter Hotel: Located near the trail by the lake and is designed beautifully. It's also near downtown so easy to get to all the places you need to go.

South Congress Hotel: In the bustling area of South Congress so you can walk out and hit a bunch of Southside spots.

The Line: Nice because it's down town and right on Town Lake. I think most the rooms have the view of the lake.

Kick Pleat Boutique
Kick Pleat Boutique
Kick Pleat Boutique
Kick Pleat Boutique

KICK PLEAT's Austin, Texas store.

What To Do:

Green belt: a hiking, biking, running trail in the heart of Austin that is beautiful and a key part of what makes the city great.

Town Lake: the trail around the lake where you can walk, run, or bike. I like to walk around the lake with my girlfriends as you can have a proper catch up and get some exercise.

Barton Springs: A natural springs swimming hole where the water is always 68-74 degrees.

Juiceland / Farmer's Market: Grab a juice at juice land and go to a farmer's market on the weekend. They're all over town.

ACL Live taping at the Moody Theater: You would need to buy tickets in advance but it's worth it! Seeing good music here is so up close and personal and you get to sit. Sometimes it's so intimate that you can't help but feel emotional.

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Kick Pleat Boutique
Kick Pleat Boutique

KICK PLEAT's Austin, Texas store.

What To See:

Check out the bats downtown- you stand on a bridge over Town Lake as day turns to night and you see a rush of bats. There is a big community there and it's fun.

Mount Bonnell: you can go here and overlook the city. It's a lovely spot.

Texas State Capitol: a beautiful, historic building with a gorgeous lawn

LBJ Presidential Library

Where to Hear:

ACL Live taping at Moody theater: I included this above. This is one of my favorite things to do in Austin.

Other great music venues include:

Mohawk Austin


Continental Club

Bass concert Hall

See who's playing and choose your spot.

Kick Pleat Boutique

KICK PLEAT's Houston, Texas store.

KICK PLEAT Founder, Wendi Koletar.

How To Dress:

Austin is about individuality so I always think being you is the best way to dress here. The weather is beyond hot in the summer time so wear items that don't touch your body. You have to choose fabrics accordingly - cotton, linen, gauze, etc.

The fall and winter is where we shine because the weather is great almost all the time. It goes from about 65 degrees to "cold fronts" so you may wear just a sweater and pants or need a winter coat. All kinds of weights and layering pieces can be used during this time.

Austin tends to be a pretty casual place so be comfortable and do your own thing.


Kick Pleat Boutique

                                          KICK PLEAT's Austin, Texas store.