Executed through the lens of curiosity, Fall 2023 focuses on clean cut tailoring, unapologetically luxurious materials, and maniacal attention to detail. To what limit can we push ourselves and still retain the familiar? Creativity, utility and beauty push us in synchronicity; any of these elements on their own simply do not satisfy.

Re-interpreting the great American classic film, Giant (1956), we were drawn to the interesting tension between the Northeast riding habit and the rigor of the Texan plains. The protagonist is strong, opinionated and open-minded, a balance we revere. Her personal style conveys exactly who she is without the need for words. We strive for this as Creative Pragmatists: to have our style reflect who we are as individuals.

Choosing to re-tell this story in San Miguel de Allende was purposeful. The character of this beautiful Mexican city attracts individuals from around the world who actively pursue creating a better, more interesting, more fulfilling place. Not ex-pats. Not those who’ve come “to check out.” Instead, San Miguel de Allende enables ideas to thrive, where warmth and joy abound, and beauty unfolds from life well-lived with priorities intact. The city treats heritage with tremendous respect, hewn out of curiosity and passion—a pursuit of excellence, really. This peerless backdrop and the Fall 2023 collection are inseparable.

Model Sitting on a Fence


Traveling to far-flung places tends to bring out the curator within—we want to bring a piece of that special place home with us. But we encourage you to lean all the way in, applying the Creative Pragmatist mindset to actively immerse yourself in the experience of a magical place like San Miguel de Allende. Live it.

Illustration of Food

El Recinto Hotel, $$


Quebrada 113, Zona Centro, 37700 San Miguel de Allende, Gto.

We Recommend: Locally made Guava jam, good to give. Even better to receive. But don’t sleep on the Huevos Rancheros (available daily from 7:00 am -11:00 pm)

Illustration of tortilla making

Chelo’s Beans & Tortillas,

pressed to order (priceless)

From the Team: “There’s only one way Mexican food tastes the best and that’s cooking from the heart, with patience, never rushed, letting each and every ingredient take its place in a dish. My grandma used to cook like that. When I saw Chelo cooking, the way she enjoyed it, I was immediately transported to my childhood and my life back in Mexico.”

— Dafne Ortiz

Illustration of two iced matcha lattes

La Cabra Illuminada, $


Hidalgo 13, Zona Centro, 37700 San Miguel de Allende, Gto.

We Recommend: Iced Matcha Colada and the Cabra Bowl.

Illustration of perfume

Xinú Perfumes, $$


Calle Hidalgo 19, Zona Centro, 37700,

San Miguel de Allende, Gto.

We Recommend: Ummo (No. 3), a uniquely soulful tobacco scent. Reuse its vessel as a bud vase.

Illustration of a goat

Rancho del Sol Dorado, $$-$$$


Hidalgo 13, Zona Centro, 37700 San Miguel de Allende, Gto.

We Recommend: A freshly brewed Cowboy Coffee with a splash of goat milk from Paulina (pictured above).

Illustration of a table with a teapot and teacups

Yam Gallery, $$$


Ancha de San Antonio 20-Int 1, Zona Centro, Centro, 37700 San Miguel de Allende, Gto.

Not to Be Missed: Daniela Edburg (Mexico), Tentacular, 2022.


Illustration of sandlas and two glass bowls

Hometown Favorites, $-$$$

From the Team: “For me, Mexico is love: from the food to the architecture, the bougainvilleas to the cobblestones. I’m surrounded by beauty from the moment I wake up until I fall asleep. San Miguel is the purely magical love in my life… and Chelo’s beans and tortillas. What else could I need or ask for?”

— Max Martinez, owner of Max Stores, Colorado


Two models, one sitting on truck bed, one walking past

We’re starting the day off strong and driving with purpose. When design and functionality meet at a crossroads, that’s Creative Pragmatism… especially when you can wear rich styles on a ranch, in a pickup truck.

car in front of outdoor seating and people gathered around the table

Illustration Above:

1992 Dodge Ram Pickup, C/O Rancho del Sol Dorado

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Something about this jacket tells people you’re able to maintain your cool in stressful situations. Its cropped silhouette doesn’t make it any less great, just less jacket

Rich in fabric but sleek in style, our pleated wrap skirt nods to the practicalities of life with an understanding that classic doesn’t mean boring.

Sweaters make people feel cozy, but this one provides more than comfort. The Cherry Red may disagree with quiet luxury, but we’re okay with that. If you’re going to invest in bold knitwear, invest in a good one.


Two models walking in a field

Set in the pastoral, Leslie Benedict (played by Elizabeth Taylor) receives sage advice from her father, strolling a scenic backdrop; her feminine wears juxtaposed with his traditional tailoring sets the tone for the collection.

two people walking in a field

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Though its traditional wool body is a not so subtle nod to heritage dressing, this is far from your grandfather’s musty cardigan. Purposefully chewed sleeves without the sogginess allude to worn and weathered details that come with age, included in the cost.

A bit chewed here, too.

The elegance of a full skirt with the ease of a painter’s smock, this canvas style is re-imagined with a couturier’s point of view. The signature wide hem speaks loudly…if you’re listening.

We are deeply offended by boots costing upwards of $1,500. We are not offended by these boots costing $995. (Did we create them out of uncontrollable boot frustration? No. We are factually and definitely crazy about them.) They are plain but rich. A walkable heel dubs them as both durable and dual-purpose. Refined enough to keep you moving from dressed up to dressed down, whatever that means to you.


One model walking in a field

The sun is setting, and the work here is almost done. Field tools for gardening juxtaposed with tools for your wardrobe. Should you choose to do some yard work too and still turn a few heads, these looks will do it.

two people outside by a car

Illustration Above:

Don't sleep on this low-effort, high style hack.

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Quiet, but far-reaching, this multi-hyphenate top boasts numerous ways to be worn and therefore optimal for outfitting options, without sacrificing modernity. It isn’t about having the best, it’s about having options. Armed with the functionality of a scarf, we’re partial to letting it all hang down, but we would be doing you a disservice to not push for experimentation beyond our stylistic preferences.

Our leather gloves are supple to the touch, deserving of a permanent spot in your cold-weather rotation. As far as we’re concerned, opera length does not equate to formal wear.

Its active knit fabrication speaks directly to quiet luxury. Refined enough to be mistaken for a traditionally more polished style but relaxed enough to allow comfort to subtly remain supreme. This is the pant we will sport this season, unequivocally. If you don’t know, now you know.

A shoe with a detachable pocket. That’s it. Its purpose is simple: home to loose change or sticks of gum. The Beryen’s cousin. Once removed.

Green net bag

C/O Local supermarket


Model standing in front of clothesline with sweaters hanging from it

If only laundry day could look this serene. Against a background of neutrals, the subtle tones of colors yield a playfulness that’s unexpected and yet necessary. Play with your clothes.

Woman drinking tea in a kitchen by the window

Illustration Above:

The mainstay classic of a simple turtleneck is a staple for a CP in the cooler weather. An ode to Disney in the 1950s, this yellow has stood the test of time

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This workwear workhorse isn’t bound to business; soft yet sleek, this shirt simultaneously dials up casual dress and tones down cocktail attire. Look good, feel good.

Deserving of a permanent spot in a year round rotation, high quality without the fuss, the ultimate belt to hold you up in every situation.

Before you fear that a white skirt will get dirty, let us tell you, this skirt survived a ranch and came out just fine. But also, maybe avoid the spaghetti sauce directly on it. Can be worn for the office, a dinner, and everything in between.

The perfect layering tool working overtime in your closet, so much so its chewed down the edges! Oh wait, no we intentionally did that, for a subtle nod to the longevity of its stay in your wardrobe.

The ease of an everyday sweater re-imagined for a CP’s needs, with a removable collar and endless styling functionalities. That’s all, but is it?


A man and a woman on a ranch in front of a horse

Fitting that this scene’s hero is named Azul, for his blue eyes, for course. Azul has arrived and the ranch scene is ready to commence. The contrasting juxtaposition of a clean white dress on a ranch gives this the good kind of ick. A dress like this can make you feel like your most glorious days are still ahead.

A man and a woman horeback riding

Illustration Above:

Boots that are made to be worn. Go ahead, get 'em dirty.

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For days when putting together an outfit is just too much. Chill, Modern, Classic all-in-one.

Compact Ultra Stretch, it’s in the name. Long and lean, this style is solidified with our tried-and-true godet bottom. The signature shape lends itself to endless occasions, so where are you wearing it to?

The perfect strappy sandal. That’s it.


Two women standing, one is holding a vintage phone

Remember landlines and home phones? We’ve been nostalgic for classics that are rooted in purpose; for times where we could mindfully connect… or disconnect.

two men in a bedroom one is on the phone

Illustration Above:

Multi-hyphenate by design, this tie-neck top works overtime as a harness, scarf, you name it.

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Conceived by marrying our boiled wool coat and our compact blazer, we give you the ultimate blazer. Wear it as a top or as a layer, the options are never- ending.

Lightweight but packs a punch of intrigue, the do-it-all easy top that works just as hard as you do. Utilize the ties through belt loops and around your neck, or don’t, who are we to tell you.

Top Tied Two Ways: Visual instructions.


a woman lounging on a couch

There’s a curiosity to find more; to draw from a familiar story and form a different point of view. Even as the sun of a new day rises, there’s always more. You just have to know where to look.

two women reading in a living room

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Rooted in a classic English style wool and plaid fabrication, this blazer is a gesture to the acclaimed style yet purposed for so much more. Rich in utility and fabrication, this blazer is packed with details and the perfect color to balance out an acid wash denim.

Your wardrobe workhorse. An ode to the working shirt; simple, but the details speak for themselves. We’re partial to letting it all hang down, but where form meets function, take your creative liberties.

A new standard in wear for Play, Dinner and Work is born. Some think jeans are jeans. We disagree. Sometimes classics can be improved. Case in point: the Sid.

A shoe that gets straight to the point.


three women sitting drinking tea

High tea, a time to gather and converse. Also, a time to express your personal style and further individualize your sartorial narrative.

four people lounging in a living room

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Simple, but not basic. You have other dresses. Not like this one, but you have them. Think: I didn’t mean to upstage the bride. Oops.

Heritage in feel, but modern in personality, this overcoat will continue to work overtime. The psychological safety of a warm hug, in a coat.

Socks that deserve to be seen.

This shoe may be small in size, but it’s big in impact. And while we urge you not to overlook the power of footwear in your style arsenal, we suggest you apply a discerning eye to accessorizing the rest of your look.


four women sitting in an outdoor patio space

A place where gatherings are held, and ideas come together. Even standing still, there’s movement.

five people sitting around a lobby area

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Some simply view this blazer as a part of the ultimate suit. But in this case, it is far greater than the sum of its parts. Ideal for Play, Dinner and Work this is the item you will invest—and then live—in. To be used however you see fit.

This season’s tailored trouser is reinterpreted to mimic our most wished for style: the Sid. Did the best just get better? We think so.

Duality is in the design: this silk crepe, mid-length dress is juxtaposed with nylon pleats; je ne sais quoi is complete

Part scarf, part sleeve, the torque is the seasonal accoutrement you never knew you needed…but now can’t simply live without.

Square toe and lace up detail that brings modernity and functionality to any look. Pair with socks for an added dose of irony or to contrast an elegant dress. (See above dress).


three women in a courtyard

In one of our favorite scenes, Bick Benedict (played by Rock Hudson) sweeps Leslie away to his vast ranch in Texas (swoon). We clearly took liberty with our interpretation, but left the traditional silhouettes in tact, just with an utterly modern twist. When the past, present and future find equilibrium, you’ve got it.

three people in front of a house

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The Great American Work Shirt is for getting serious work done, at home or in office, wherever you process those thoughts. Can be worn unbuttoned, layered over a t-shirt—like so—and before you laugh, it looks terrific layered over a t-shirt because people don’t expect that. Adaptable to the individual, location or situation at hand, whatever suits your style and needs. Stark, contrasting sleeves.

The ideal blazer for Play, Dinner, and Work. The classic meets modern twist.

The Rodney: Look sharp, live smart. Simple yet well detailed, this pant is engineered for ease and foundational to wardrobes across the CP spectrum.

Featuring a classic silhouette, this dress will take you to numerous occasions this season. Crafted from a mele crepe luxe fabrication, this sartorial savior can be worn in more ways than we can even think of. The zipper front detail and oversized billowing pockets make this the perfect modern yet functional dress this season.

Hand-made, high quality.

Our special thanks to Max Martinez for his gracious hosting and support of the Tibi team in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.