Colour wheel

Mixing colors is an art, but it absolutely does not require that you be an artist to execute it well. In fact, once you grasp the color rings below, it will become the language you use to effectively convey your style. Amy’s Tips: If you wear a lot of black, slowly work outward on the wheel. Conversely, if you have a lot of color, work inward. Keep your blacks, keep your colors, just bring the new shades onto the body at the same time, all at once. Also, the further away your colors on the wheel, the sharper the statement. A black pant (Ring 1) and red top is quite bold. A tan pant (Ring 2) and green (Ring 4) is quite classic. But, when you combine a navy pant (Ring 2) with a purple-ish grey (Ring 3) the effect is soothing. Same with mixing a ring (3) olivey-green with mint (Ring 4), it conveys depth and richness.

Ring 1: Black

Ring 2: The neutrals.

Ring 3: The “no-color colors.” There is a tinge of color here, grounded in gray-brown undertones. And they’re hard to give just one name- we say “ish” a lot when describing them.

Ring 4: The bold colors. Intense, saturated, and bright. A strong contrast to Ring 3.

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