Fall 2019 Runway

We have found ourselves lately asking “Why?”
Why are we craving the sophistication of black or the subtlety of a rich brown…and the strength of a grey and the reliability of navy? And why is it that just one touch of color ---
a burst of turquoise appearing in a sea of grey --- can make us feel happy, optimistic, and distinctly ourselves?
Why are we craving experimentation in the expression of luxury? And, how do we take that innovativeness and interpret it in a way that makes the collection youthful and really wearable –
pieces we’ll want to own forever: natural, wooly textures mixed with high gloss shine, feminine colors mixed with hard metals, and high structure gets belted and cinched to soften.
Every season starts with the itch for something new borne out of a desire to shake things up, look at the past through a new lens, and move forward. When heritage is mixed with experimentation,
it makes things modern – it helps address our curiosity for the new whilst not losing sight of ourselves.
Fall 2019 runway image.
Fall 2019 runway image.
Fall 2019 runway image.
Fall 2019 runway image.
Fall 2019 runway image.
Fall 2019 runway image.

The Runway

We love color at Tibi. But this season we are drawn to a blend of neutral tones that peak our interest and push us forward.
Feminized suiting made of natural and recycled fibers feel luxurious without compromising quality. Sharp line graphics contrast the plethora of florals over the past many seasons – feeling fresh, new, and young.
Fall 2019 runway image.
Fall 2019 runway image.
Fall 2019 runway image.
Fall 2019 runway image.
Fall 2019 runway image.
Fall 2019 runway image.

Behind The Scenes

Two backstage images of Fall 2019 runway.

The Objects

The structures in the center of the runway were designed to further emphasize the message of exploration. Inspired by Isamu Noguchi’s playscapes, these organic forms contrast linear expectations through both design and color.
They represent the curiosity and creative experimentation the Fall 2019 collection moves towards.
Fall 2019 runway image.

The Accessories

On par with this season's inspiration, our new handbags explore curiosity through contrast. In collaboration with Myriam Schaefer, the soft quilted leather and water snake handbags take on a sharp and urban edge with chain straps.
The shoes are all about the details. Classic flip-flops are accented with an assortment of colorful furs while a range of our new leather boots feature hard metals embellished on the ankle.
6 detail shots of Fall 2019 bags and accessories


A contrast of dry and wet hair, styled by Aveda, complimented the fresh pop of color from the Bobbi Brown makeup look. The nails, done by Jin Soon, featured simplistic shades of nude accented with silver glitter. Together, they created a high structured look with an experimental twist.
Three detail beauty images of backstage hair and makeup.

The Playlist


DESMOND & THE TUTUS: Kiss on The Chick (King of Town Remix)

THE ANIMALS: Don’t Bring Me Down

CREAM: I Feel Free (intro)


JUDY HENSKE: High Flying Bird

Be Better Than Average

Our Fall 2019 collection blends modernity with heritage, symbolized in the form of a ghost flower, an endangered species forbidden to be removed from its habitat. It resonates with our constant desire to be better than average.
Ghost orchard pattern from Fall 2019.