The Resort 2020 Collection

Three models wearing oversized coats standing next to a pond.
Model wearing oversized black coat with brown leather bandana.
lower half of model holding white quilted bag and the brown ostrich evon heel.
Model standing on front of pond wearing white coat and white leather bandana. She is holding a black quilted bag.
Group of models wearing blue pieces from the Resort 2020 collection.
Male model standing on front of woods wearing blue turtleneck dickie and navy blue suit.
Two models standing under a tree. One model is wearing a green sweater and green tech patent pants. Male model is wearing hot pink sweater and green cargo pants.
Two models sitting under a tree. Both models are wearing green suits.
Groupd of models wearing hues of purple.
Male model wearing purple suit. Female model wearing recycled check pieces from Resort 2020.
Male model standing in front of pool wearing green button down and cargo pants.
Models standing under tree in matching dresses.
Four models wearing a range of polka dot pieces from Resort 2020.
Model wearing the babushka scarf around her head.
Detail shot of model holding a quilted bag.
Male models wearing oversized coats. One model is facing away from camera with a shoe tied on his back.
Two models wearing basketweave group. One model is wearing the white blazer. The other a black jacket.
Motion shot of models walking in chalky drape.
Model sitting down wearing the leather dress in black.
Two models standing in pleated dresses.
Black and white photo of model looking away from camera wearing all denim.
Models standing in a line wearing monochromatic outfits.
Group of models wearing spencer plaid group from Resort 2020.
Model crouching on opposite side of fence wearing the spencer plaid jacket.
Male models wearing Resort 2020 cardigans.
Male model wearing the pink turtleneck and cardigan set.
Model standing in front of camera wearing gray suit.
model wearing a stripped shirt and gray skirt.
Model standing under tree wearing all denim outfit.
Two models wearing coated black denim and white shoes.
Model standing in front of a tree wearing a blue dress with blue tech patent pants underneath.
Model leaning against a tree wearing a polka dot shit and leather shorts.