Frequently mentioned in Style Class, the Tibi Vocab is the Creative Pragmatist’s dictionary of styling terms and acronyms to remember in order to make dressing easier. Browse key selects that embody the terminology and study up in case there's a pop quiz.

Frequently mentioned in Amy and Sarah's IG Live Style Class, the Tibictionary is the creative pragmatist’s dictionary of styling terms and acronyms to remember in order to make dressing easier. Browse key selects that embody the terminology and study up in case there's a pop quiz.

12 Mo’er

/twelv mo·er/
twelv mow·er
An article of clothing or accessory that can be worn 12 months out of the year. It implies extreme functionality and desirability. In our quest for self-expression, pieces that can be returned to time and time again become a foundational piece in composing outfits for all occasions. Investments made here will pay off over time because a 12 Mo’er is on repeat regardless of season.
Have to Have
hav,həv,(ə)v to͞o,tə hav,həv,(ə)v
hav too hav
adjective, noun

There are moments when an incredible piece of clothing or an accessory captures your imagination. Gives you goosebumps. Tugs at you in a way where it is hard to think of anything else. And while not wearable for every facet of our life, it has a place. Because life is about those moments of emotion and beauty, where we crave a piece simply because we admire it. The HTH’s occupy a coveted spot in our closet that remind us of why we love style.



One, Ton, or None
/wən tən nən/
wuhn tuhn nuhn
The Creative Pragmatist can be a conundrum to others; for their commensurate passion for a balance between creativity and utility to feel like their best selves. The color theory of One, Ton, or None is about nailing a fluid style where the eye can rest. One pop of color gives focus where two pops can distract. Ironically, a full flood of colors creates calm. And conversely, the absence of color – through neutrals – is a color story worth trying.
With·out Fail
/wəˈT͟Hout,wəˈTHout fāls/
wuh·thawt feil
Like our most trusted confidante, the person who knows you best, there are certain pieces of clothing or accessories that you turn to over and over again because they inexplicably tell the story of who you are. No matter what new modern piece you’re experimenting with, the WOFs are the items that, without fail, will still keep you grounded. Yourself. They are the narrative thread that connects the dots between your HTH and I&O pieces. Without them, you can feel rudderless.
Chill, Mod·ern, Clas·sic
/CHil ˈmädərn ˈklasik/
chil maa·drn kla·suhk
A ratio of the three adjectives used by the Creative Pragmatist when evaluating pieces that are perfect for their closet. Is there something effortless and chill about the item? Does it have a sense of modernity about it in scale or texture? Is there a sense of familiarity, a harken to a classic, in the shape or material? That piece has the perfect trifecta of Chill, Modern and Classic and means there’s an excellent shot that it will play a central role in your closet for years to come.
In & Outs
/in and,(ə)n out/
uhn ahnd ow·ts
I&Os are the items that make us feel modern, new, each season. It might be a shoulder that we are experimenting with, or a certain exaggerated sleeve shape. Pieces that makes us feel like our entire closet has been refreshed by their addition alone. And whilst they allow us to experiment, because they pair back with other items in our closet that speak to our DNA, we never feel in costume. We wear them for years, retire them, then bring them back out again when the time is right.
Play Din·ner Work
/plā ˈdinər wərk/
plei di·nr wurk

The dream items? The ultimate work-hards in the closet? They meet the PDW criteria. Styles that span across the three facets of our life—Play, Dinner, Work. Not everything can be created with an eye towards this functionality—but when a piece nails it, it’s worth noting and having.



Cre·a·tive Prag·ma·tist
/krēˈādiv ˈpragmədəst/
kree·ei·tuhv prag·muh·tuhst
An individual who values creativity and pragmatism in daily life applies both to their style choices. They thrive on personal expression and use fashion to express that creativity. In equal measure, the CP desires functionality, a real practicality in how clothing works in their wardrobe. When creativity and pragmatism are in balance, they feel like themselves the most.
mod uhh fier
Creative Pragmatists intersect at Chill, Modern and Classic. The Modifier is our path less traveled. It’s that extra layer of how we show our personality – that word that modifies our adjectives. We can all be chill, modern and classic, but if one of us is a huge risktaker, then our look is modified in some way to tell that deeper story of who we are. Maybe it’s the way you’ve tied a sweater just so or added that one strange extra earring to the three you’re already wearing. Our Modifiers are rarely ever the same, it’s our special uniqueness that we hold near and dear.
Rule of 3
/ro͞ol əv THrē/
rool uhv three
The Latin phrase “omne trium perfectum” means that every set of three is complete. A Creative Pragmatist will apply this to outfit composition; when you have selected three key items, the destination has been reached.